SECRETS OF A GAY MORMON FELON Opens Tonight at San Diego Fringe Festival

by BWW News Desk

A year and a half ago, Kimball Allen was at a low point in his life. He was in jail awaiting trial for embezzlement and needed to make sense of his thoughts, emotions, and memories. That was when he started writing his journal, a journal that contained humorous, dramatic, and life-altering stories. This assortment of personal tales and reflections became the basis of his one-man theatre show, Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon.

This show tells a deeply personal account that spans from Kimball's childhood as a young Mormon boy growing up in Blackfoot, Idaho, to his teenage gay awakening, to his drug abuse later in life, and ends with his eventual arrest and trial that led him to write the story in the first place. The one-act play contains 19 vignettes that range from the humorous tale of Kimball's first hunting trip that turned him into a lifelong vegetarian to a grippingly intense scene where he discusses how he was raped at 13. The show provides the audience with a deeply personal and affecting rollercoaster ride of naivety, pain, sorrow, and redemption.

Despite this being Kimball's debut performance as both an actor and a playwright, Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon has already playedsold out performances at theatre festivals in Kansas City, Honolulu and has received wide acclaim from critics. The show is scheduled to play at the San Diego Fringe Festival, CA beginning today, July 5, and running through July 7. The play looks to continue on along the festival circuit and play at various cities across the country. The artist website can be accessed at and more information about the festival can be found at

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